What will be the most suitable crops in Africa and Central America?

Climate change is expected to disproportionately affect smallholder farmers, who already face numerous risks to their agricultural production. Crop varieties will respond differently to changes in temperature and precipitation at the locations where they are currently grown. A crop suitability index is an important component of assessment studies, including changes to geographical crop distribution under climate change in the coming decades.

In collaboration with Oxfam, Lobelia has developed a crop suitability tool to assess the future of staple crops in different regions.


Maize / sorghum / pearl millet

Sub-Saharan Africa

Maize / sorghum / pearl millet / rice / cassava / beans / groundnuts / yam

Dry Corridor

Maize / sorghum / beans / rice

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Crop suitability analysis for Oxfam

Crop suitability analysis for Oxfam

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